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Consider you found a product you’d like to purchase, on a random website. Will you be purchasing it, if the address bar reads ‘Not Safe’ in red? That’s the kind of warning, a combination of Google Chrome and HTTP website can give you. Of course, there isn’t any issue with Chrome. However, HTTP is the thing you need to address. Imagine your website or store displays such a warning to visitors. You are losing out on visitors and possibly customers too. So what exactly is HTTPS and why should you get it.
Secure Sockets Layer HTTPS involves getting a SSL certificate. SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. In simple terms, getting a SSL certificate for your website makes it more secure. Let’s look into how this works. When you visit a website, an encrypted link is created between the server and your browser. Hackers can’t break in and get access to your data. In the past, SSL was required only you’re your business involved credit card and other sensitive details. With browser like Chrome being so vigilant now, SSL has become a necessity. If you accept any information at all, HTTPS is the norm.

Why do you need HTTPS?

Increasing awareness: One of the main reasons why you need HTTPS is because consumers are getting more aware. Netizens are witnessing more data breaches and high profile hacks these days. They demand more security on websites they visit. 80% of the customers close the tab once they see ‘Not Safe’ sign on their browser. You need the SSL certificate to gain their trust. Search Engine Rankings: SSL is a factor in search ranking algorithms. In 2015, Google officially accepted that SSL certificate plays a role in rankings. It is billed to be the tie breaker between equally matched website on all signals. To put it in perspective, let’s understand this simple fact. Only 1 in 100 websites are secure. However, 40% of Google’s page one search results feature HTTPS websites. FatCow SSL packages You can purchase SSL certificates for your website via domain provider. As usual, FatCow is the leader in SSL certificates too. Not all SSL certificates are made equal. That’s exactly why FatCow offers single SSL certificate for single website owners as well as multi-domain SSL for people who secure multiple domains. Every item in the list comes with a strong 2048 bit encryption. All of these certificates from FatCow turns your browser bar green and boost your search rankings.