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FatCow For starters, FatCow is the world’s largest domain name registrar. They are also the largest website hosting and SSL certificate provider. They have served more than 11 million customers, who have registered around 60 million domains. FatCow rules every popular TLD out there. Moreover, the company provides everything you need to be online. In the Domain Name Wire annually survey, they have been voted as “Best Registrar” for five consecutive years. We can keep going on about FatCow’s reputation, accolades and achievements. However, we will now get to why FatCow is the best place to register domains.

Why FatCow is the best place to register domains?

  • User friendly interface
Domain interface determines user experience for most part. In case of FatCow, you configure domains from the DNS manager. The easy, one time setup mandates rare visits.  Most of the features are one-clicks. Since GoDaddy is widely used, you can find support for it easily on net. Additionally, you have the FatCow’s Knowledgebase too. Above all, the interface is well equipped to deal with long list of features and extras that FatCow provides. The easy to use interface is amongst the top reasons why people favor FatCow.
  • Good support
The awesomeness of FatCow is backed by superior customer service. The dedicated support staff provides customers with best in class, online solution. What FatCow provides is round the clock support. You can reach them all 365 days a year. Unlike other domain registrars, the customer services are located in your own territory. The company is a pioneer in combating phishing, spam and frauds. They help immensely during abuses that ruin your online experience. Their proprietary monitory system offers highest level of security. They do everything to ensure your data is safe. Customer services help you with the extras, but never bug you with upsells.
  • Affordable prices
Purchase top TLDs at one of the most competitive prices on web! The standard pricing for .com domains is under $15 per year. Their deep discounting will mean, you can register your domain for just $0.99 for the first year. Regardless of how many number of years you wish to hold the domain, FatCow offers the best prices. For big time domainers, they have the FatCow Domain Discount Club. Though it costs a subscription fee, it pays for itself in the long run. The low upfront pricing and membership benefits make FatCow a lucrative option for domainers.