All webmasters have one common goal – Work Less, Rank Higher. That’s the tagline of GoDaddy SEO services. They have a slew of tools you can use to boost your rankings. Their SEO experts bring your website all the attention it deserves.

There are billion websites on the web. It’s really hard to get noticed by your target audience. GoDaddy knows it more than anyone else. They have registered few millions websites themselves. Their SEO services cover you on this front.

It’s not yet another upsell of a service. Basically, when they help webmasters get more sales, ad revenues and inquiries, they are building a more powerful client base for all their services. Let’s look into the modus operandi of GoDaddy SEO and how effective it actually is.

How GoDaddy SEO works?

First of all, GoDaddy SEO varies from territory to territory. In Australia, Canada, United Kingdom or United States, a team of SEO experts takes care of your website.  They help your rankings by employing a proven, effective methodology. The team focuses on on-site as well as off-site SEO.

GoDaddy doesn’t have SEO services for other territories. In elsewhere, it is just SEO tools rather than services. It’s a walkthrough setup where you can optimize your website for suggested keywords. These tools helps fix up your Meta tags, indexing, roadmaps and more.

Why choose GoDaddy?

  • SEO Expert team: In some territories, you work with a local team SEO experts from GoDaddy. It’s very possible to have a personal contact with the team. You can have constant follow-up with them. It’s almost like having an in-house SEO team for your website.
  • Instant Launchpad: GoDaddy has such a powerful setup that can churn out immediate solutions. Just one contact with them and they get your website working towards climbing the SERPs. You can work in peace knowing GoDaddy takes care of your SEO.
  • Progress tracking: Tracking your progress is an integral part of SEO campaign. The GoDaddy dashboard lets you see how well your website is doing. They complete several tracking setups and integrate it on your dashboard.

Breaking down the SEO package…

  • Website Analysis: Godaddy reviews your website and current SEO status. It looks about everything from niche affinity to linking structure to search engine presence.
  • Keyword Suggestions: GoDaddy makes keyword phrase suggestions that help your website. When it comes to a SEO services, the team takes care of keyword research.
  • Install Google Tools: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools will be installed for your website. It will be integrated with the dashboard to allow constant monitoring.
  • Web Submissions: Once your site is optimized for suggested keywords, it will be submitted to search engines, directories and citations. The official Google+ local profile will be created and maintained too. Other social bookmarking is taken care of.
  • Keyword Linkbuilding:  In case of SEO teams, they take care of keyword base linkbuilding. It’s a great way to show the search engines, your authority on the niche.

Tracking Progress: You can monitor your website’s ranking over time. Tracking progress is the key to any successful SEO campaig