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FatCow has multiple web hosting
packages. There’s shared, managed and more. Among the shared hosting packages,
Economy hosting is the least expensive. Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap,
especially in regards to quality. Moreover, it’s not the unreliable $1 per
month hosting either. It comes along with a great set of features. The support,
uptime and specifications are over the top. By no means is Economy hosting the
flagship package from FatCow. However it’s pitted against the hosting services
at the lower end of pricing spectrum. Economy hosting stacks up pretty well for
itself, against the global competition.








Uptime is an
important aspect of hosting quality. It refers to the amount of time, your site
stays online. Inversely, the amount of time your site drops is known as
downtime. FatCow registers an exceptional uptime of 99.96%. At times, it gets
even better, reaching up to 99.99%.




page speed




It doesn’t end with keeping your site
live. Additionally, page load speed matters to SEO and visitor experience. It
influences whether a purchase will be made or not, from your website. FatCow
offers exceptions page load speed, thanks to powerful servers. In combination
with lightweight themes, your websites load in a flash.




& bandwidth




You get storage of 100 GB, which is
more than enough for small business website. Economy hosting provides
‘unmetered’ bandwidth to webmasters. The email storage provided by Microsoft
Office 365 Premium is 10 GB. To sum it up, the Economy Hosting covers your
small business website quite easily.




One stop




FatCow has every service you need
for your website. From website building to SEO to SSL, they offer it all.
However, you need to pay a little more to avail their services. All of these
upsells are however not forced on you. FatCow doesn’t charge unreasonably on
any of the services.








The annual charges are just under $8
per month. The first year’s charges can be much lower. There is no hidden fee
or clause. FatCow doesn’t bother you with never ending upsells. You can pay
through credit/debit cards as well as PayPal.







Tech support




Website management is always live
wire. You need a strong tech support to back you up. That’s exactly what
FatCow offers you. You have live chat support agents working 24x7 to resolve
issues. Additionally there is locally based phone support too. Ultimately, the
issues are resolved swiftly without much hassle.